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Our mission is to provide youth soccer players in Southern California with an exciting and challenging futsal program that will hopefully offer opportunities to compete in regional, national, and international competitions. The goal of the program is to give these youth players the proper training and exposure to increase their opportunities in both futsal and/or soccer. 

The purpose of Meg City Futsal is to provide a year-round futsal training program that will help players reach their full potential and allow them to be exposed to the highest levels of competition. Meg City Futsal will make every effort to develop an overall better soccer player through futsal. Meg City Futsal will also form showcase teams for both boys and girls with players from the programs.

Meg City Futsal will strive to raise the standard and compete at the highest level possible in all age categories. Meg City Futsal hopes to create a positive and challenging environment that will hopefully develop the next top futsalers/footballers.